Real Estate Development Consulting

Nauset Strategies believes in the words World Champion Joe Louis lived by, “Plan your work, work your plan.”  We work with our clients to systematically create an entitlement process and schedule to guarantee a predictable and successful outcome.  Nauset’s proven program is one of hard work, experience, and solid relationships forged over time. As comfortable with elected officials and agency heads as we are with people in the neighborhoods, we listen to concerns, treat everyone with respect, answer questions put to us honestly and promptly, and build understanding, if not consensus. This is what it takes to placate the most ardent opposition, whether in a union hall, on a loading dock, at City Hall or in a boardroom. We take the vision of our clients and help transform it to bricks and mortar.

Community Relations

Imperative for approval in the City of Boston for nearly all types of real estate development and construction is support from the local community and abutters.  Nauset creates grassroots-style campaigns to identify supporters and earn their explicit, communicated support for the project.  Recognizing that all projects face concern and dissent, Nauset Strategies meets with concerned individuals on their turf to identify areas of contention and works to mitigate their concerns through additional benefits or ideas, while also always keeping in mind the clients’ objectives.  Nauset Strategies assures a successful outcome by garnering more supporters than opponents and having an established a line of communication with the opposition, even if all of their concerns can not be addressed.

Government Relations

Nauset Strategies has decades of experience in both the public and private sectors, with established relationships with elected and appointed officials at all levels in the City of Boston.  We introduce our clients to key officials and decision-makers to establish a clear process to garner their necessary support for project approval.  We have the confidence of these officials as a result of positive and long-standing relationships and always delivering on our commitments.


From high level approvals to building permit and certificate of occupancy, Nauset Strategies is well positioned to help developers and owners navigate the permitting challenges that may arise with projects of any size.  We work with City Hall, Boston Inspectional Services Department and Boston Fire Department to manage all aspects of the permitting process on behalf of our clients until final Certificate of Occupancy.

Relevant Experience

Nauset Strategies was instrumental in the approval, construction and occupancy of the following sampling of projects:

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