At Nauset Strategies, we help clients navigate complex business challenges. Our public advocacy balances conflicting interests, risks and processes. Our integrated approach is based on teamwork, relationships, communication and planning.

Our Services

Business Development

Nauset Strategies works with our clients focused in the real estate, construction and constructor sub-contractor industries looking to boost their business in a unique manner, capitalizing on relationships, hard work and commitment to community. Working as an arm of your business development team, we identify new opportunities, build partnerships and secure new work in the public, private and institutional sectors.


Real Estate Development Consulting

Nauset Strategies works with real estate professionals, institutions and investors to develop and implement government and community relations strategies to facilitate the entitlement of large-scale planning and development projects. Nauset Strategies has been involved in the entitlement of over 20 million square feet of development in the City of Boston.


Strategic Consulting

Businesses new to Boston or looking to broaden their marketshare in the City and Massachusetts need to understand the political, legislative and business landscape. And, in this City and State, the landscape can be quite unfamiliar to those new to the area. Nauset Strategies understands that regardless of the industry, politics and business intersect and we can help navigate that junction, helping businesses achieve success through legislative advocacy, media interaction or just getting to know the right people. All the paths to success may not be direct, Nauset Strategies will utilize extensive experience and excellent relationships to drive your business.


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