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         "Plan your work, work your plan."

                                             - Joe Louis


     At Nauset Strategies, we treat your business as if it were our own. We will work with your team, collaboratively setting goals, developing plans and schedules and work together to lift the words off the page and implement the plan to achieve the goal. While we think at a high-level, we execute at a street level. We are invested in your success and want to be a part of achieving your vision.


     Processes don't happen overnight; success starts with sound planning. If you are fully invested in the planning of a project, collaborate on its goals and set a schedule of deliberate, organized outreach, success is achievable. Nauset Strategies will work as an extension of your team to identify new avenues of business and engage others to act toward your goals. Not simply through tactics, but through a system of knowing your audience, understanding the broader landscape and having the ability to adapt to the unexpected to breach the gap between your products and projects, and success.


     Executing a plan requires vision, understanding, know-how. Without a commitment to systematically work a thoughtful plan, success is often impossible. Through deliberate execution on a schedule, with assigned responsibilities, done on a personal, grassroots level, greater effectiveness follows. With Nauset's involvement from the start, potential obstacles can be identified and mitigated without derailing the execution of the plan and schedule. The depth of involvement and understanding makes it easier to identify the need to adapt or adjust the plan, ensuring fewer obstacles and continued forward progress.


     Working collaboratively with our clients on developing and executing the plan, we effectively achieve our clients' goalsówhether its anticipating and solving potential obstacles, utilizing our network to reach the decision-maker or building a consensusówe take your business personally. We'll lead your way, whether into a boardroom or kitchen, union hall or out onto the loading dock or any of The Commonwealth. Let us compliment your next team and our combined experience will help you achieve your goal.


Upward SpiralGovernment & Community Relations

Nauset's proven program is one of hard work, experience, and solid relationships forged over time. As comfortable with elected officials and agency heads as we are with people in the neighborhoods, we listen to concerns, treat everyone with respect, answer questions put to us honestly and promptly, and build understanding, if not consensus. This is what it takes to placate the most ardent opposition, whether in a union hall, on a loading dock, at City Hall or in a boardroom. Taking responsibility and having a personal touch are invaluable tools in negotiations. We have this personal approach and have honed it to the greatest effect. Wouldn't it be nice to have Nauset Strategies saying "good things" about you, and acting personally on your behalf in all the relevant forums?

Lighthouse ListRelationship & Third-Party Marketing

One of Nauset's greatest assets is our Project Pipeline Database (PPD). Backed by the latest real estate and information gathering technology, an appreciation for the fluidity of the marketplace and our working relationships, the PPD is a comprehensive "real-time" view of all proposed development projects in the Metro Boston area. Would intimate knowledge of projects in their pre-permitting and pre-development stages be valuable as you set your companies' goals? With a doubly-focused approach of engaging our clients in deliberate dialog, while methodically monitoring the public and private sector, the Project Pipeline Database brings to light a clear, consolidated view of the market.

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